Sunday, 22 February 2009

First 12 mile run

Today I did my first 12 mile run.
Previously my longest run was 10 miles.
I was over at a friends house last night and told him I was planning the 12 miles today and he suggested we run it together. Now, Ive been running less than a year, and Liam has been running for about 25 years, but I though, what the hell.. why not?
So we met at a nice sport and set out. from the very outset, I knew Liam would have a faster pace than me... and while I am sure I slowed him down a little, I dd my best to keep up.
IF I had gone out to do this run myself, I know I would have probably done 10 minute miles and taken 2 hours for the run. Thanks to being pushed a little, I did it in 1 hour 43 minutes. An average pace of 8:36 per mile. For me this would be good going on a 5 mile run.
So, much as I like to run alone, I guess the lesson here is.. if you're going to go running with a friend, might as well run with a friend who is a better runner.

Ive attached my route, just because to me it looks good. Click the image for a nice full size version of this.

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  1. I've realised that running alone is useless for me. Only when I'm doing one of those planned 10k's or whatever do I *really* run. Usually I chicken out and slow down or stop. When faced with the pressure of other people, I keep going and its totally worth it.

    New rule..find a running buddy.